This website is dedicated to providing a place for visitors to post their prayer requests so that our prayer warriors are able to pray over them.

Please know that we have already prayed for you because you have found our website! We would love to pray for any need you may have. Please feel free to post your prayer requests as we have a multitude of “Prayer Warriors” all over the globe that are willing to pray for your needs.

Anyone is welcome to submit a prayer request for our “Prayer Warriors” to pray over. This is a FREE service, all for the Glory of Jesus Christ the Lord.

If you would like more information about being one of our prayer warriors please contact us.

The He-is-listening Prayer Chain was started by Carmen Calabro in February of 2008. He was coached by his Pastor, Tom Lemmon, and was coaxed and encouraged by our Wonderful Holy Spirit.

The Prayer Chain is a network of Christian Brothers and Sisters from around the world. This Prayer Ministry has been designed to be the focal point for Prayer power, Prayer connections and to be of service to the Body of Christ.

It is a FREE service, all for the Glory of Jesus Christ the Lord, the only Son of God.

If you wish to write us:

He Is Listening Prayer Chain Ministry
106 Vista Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317